Medium voltage electric motors and some useful knowledge in this field

In practice, medium voltage electric motors are sought after mainly for the amount of power offered by a specific application. Typical power output is up to 20.000 kW. Compared to medium voltage electric motors, there are low-voltage variants whose power ranges between 160 and 2,400 kW. Due to the high frequencies, it is necessary to provide a special winding treatment. From a technological point of view, however, this is a rather problematic solution. A separate category is therefore medium voltage electric motors, which require knowledge of the issue at a very good level. The power range is relatively wide and the producers bring it to the market in several variants with different types of cooling.  

Medium voltage electric motors and frequent installation errors 

Composition and equipment of medium voltage electric motors
Advantages of the medium voltage electric motors

The basic prerequisites for the correct use of medium voltage electric motors include, in particular, professional assembly, their overloading during operation and appropriate protection. In the following lines we will focus on these problems with medium voltage electric motors. The first area is therefore the involvement of electric motors, and any technician with sufficient experience and professional qualifications simply needs to know that this process must follow the attached scheme. If 400 / 230V, Y / D is indicated on the rating plate, it is necessary to select the star connection on the terminal block. The indicated voltage 400 V, D requires connection to the terminal block in a triangle. It is then possible to connect the electric motor to the mains and connect it directly. If you have any doubts about the connection of medium voltage electric motors, you should definitely leave this to experts. Another mistake, often discovered in practice, is repeated overload of the electric motor. However, the vast majority of engines on the market are able to withstand a small overload for a short time. However, such operation is not recommended by the manufacturers and the information on the label must be respected in this respect. If you ignore these recommendations, the engine is quite likely to malfunction and the manufacturer will not accept any complaints. 

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